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Shine Bright: Elevate Your Look with Clean Platinum Blonde

When we talk about “platinum hair,” our minds often conjure up visions of a striking, single-tone ice blonde that boasts the highest lift possible from root to tip. It’s a look that’s iconic for its pure, cool tone and absence of any darker shades. But what if we introduce platinum blonde highlights into the mix?

Platinum blonde highlights offer a fresh perspective on this classic color. They show that platinum doesn’t have to be confined to an all-over shade; instead, these luminous lights can be delicately woven through even the darkest brown base, instantly illuminating it with an icy glow.

For our blonde clients seeking that coveted lift, platinum highlights provide the perfect solution. With their multi-tonal finish, they add depth and dimension to the hair, offering a more wearable edge to this famously high-maintenance color. Plus, when applied freehand, they create a seamless, natural look that’s both chic and effortless.

In this blog, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about creating those stunning platinum blonde ribbons, including eight must-try formulas favored by fellow professionals. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or just starting out, these tips and techniques will help you achieve the perfect platinum look for your clients.

3 Expert Tips for Achieving Stunning Platinum Blonde Highlights at Elevate Salon:
Perfect Your Technique:

Tailoring the highlighting technique to your client’s lifestyle is key. Consider their preferences for color maintenance and choose a method that suits them best. Root-to-tip platinum highlights offer a bold, transformative look, ideal for those who are committed to regular touch-ups. Alternatively, opt for freehand techniques like balayage or foilyage for a softer finish and more natural regrowth. Selecting the right pre-lightener is crucial; we recommend BlondorPlex for blonde highlights and Blondor Freelights for seamless freehand painting.

Measure Your Formula Precisely:

Ensure accuracy when measuring out your Blondor powder and developer to guarantee optimal lift. Following the recommended ratio guidelines is essential to avoid weakening the product. Pay close attention to the scales to achieve the perfect blend in your mixing bowl.

Saturate Strands Thoroughly:

When applying platinum highlights, thorough saturation is key for achieving maximum lift and even coverage. Avoid a conservative approach; instead, generously apply the lightener to each strand. Layer the Blondor lightener generously to ensure no patches are missed. Remember, the development process may take up to 50 minutes, so allow ample time for the product to work its magic.

By implementing these expert tips at Elevate Salon, you’ll create stunning platinum blonde highlights that leave your clients feeling radiant and confident.

Who benefits from platinum blonde highlights?

Despite their bold nature, platinum highlights are remarkably adaptable. This is because they can be paired with a variety of base colors, allowing for a personalised final look. For clients with warm skin tones, incorporating hints of vanilla into their platinum highlights can add a luminous glow, as demonstrated in our collection of creamy formulas (take a look at number two!). On the other hand, for those with cooler or neutral skin tones, opting for the purest platinum hues and cool tones will beautifully complement their complexion. To enhance multi-tonal dimension, consider combining these highlights with darker roots or ashy ribbons.

8 Stunning Formulas for Platinum Blonde Highlights at Elevate Salon:
Platinum Blonde Babylights
Platinum Blonde Babylights:

Witness the transformation from golden blonde to cool platinum hues with BlondorPlex babylights. Begin with a 6% mixture on the roots, followed by a 4% Color Touch emulsion for the mid-lengths and 1.9% for the ends. Add a shadow root with Koleston Perfect 6/1 + 6/07 and tone with 10/16 for a flawless finish.

Blonde hair with platinum highlights
Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights:

Experience the harmony of platinum and vanilla blonde shades achieved through BlondorPlex and Illumina Color. Enhance with subtle lowlights using Illumina Color 7/81 + 6% and finish with Color Touch 9/96 + 9/86 + 10/0 for a flawless blend.

Ash blonde with platinum highlights
Ash Blonde with Platinum Highlights:

Discover the perfect marriage of platinum and ash blonde tones with BlondorPlex highlights and a Shinefinity color glaze. Try 06/02 at the roots and alternate 09/36 and 08/38 for stunning multi-tonal dimension.

Face framing platinum highlights on dirty blonde hair
Face-Framing Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair:

Achieve subtle platinum highlights framed around the face, complemented by dirty blonde balayage through the mid-lengths and ends. Lift with BlondorPlex and tone with Illumina Color 10/69 + 1.9% for a radiant result.

Platinum highlights on black hair
Platinum Highlights on Black Hair:

Embrace the bold contrast of platinum highlights on black hair with Koleston Perfect 2/0 for the dark sections and BlondorPlex lifted slices toned with 10/16 for a striking finish.

chunky platinum blonde highlights on blonde hair
Chunky Platinum Blonde Highlights:

Create beachy-fresh platinum blonde highlights on ash brown hair with BlondorPlex + 6% and Illumina Color 10/1 + 10/69 for a beautifully bleached-out effect.

platinum highlights with multitonal dimension
Platinum Highlights with Multi-Tonal Dimension:

Add depth to platinum highlights on an ash brown base with BlondorPlex + 6% and Color Touch 8/81 for a mesmerizing Nordic blonde result.

platinum highlights with dark roots
Platinum Highlights with Dark Roots:

Embrace the rooted blonde trend with dark roots and platinum highlights. Opt for Shinefinity color glaze with 05/98 + 07/81 as a root shadow and 09/81 + 07/81 + 09/61 to tone existing highlights for a flawless look.

8 How to Maintain Your Stunning Platinum Highlights at Elevate Salon:
Incorporate Purple Shampoo Into Your Routine:

Purple shampoo is a must-have for keeping your platinum highlights looking cool and crisp. Recommend INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo to neutralise any brassiness or yellow tones. Simply massage it into damp hair, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly for fresh and flawless results.

Nourish and Protect with Treatments:

Combat bleach damage by using reparative products to keep your hair healthy and strong. Our ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo and Moisturising Color Reflection Conditioner are ideal for daily use. Additionally, treat your hair to the Structure+ Mask once or twice a week to strengthen strands. For added moisture and protection, apply a leave-in conditioner like Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray followed by Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Refresh Your Color with a Glaze:

Between lightening appointments, treat your platinum highlights to a Shinefinity Color Glaze for a quick color refresh. Opt for shades like 09/13 or 09/81 to add shine and correct any brassy tones. The development process is quick, taking no more than 20 minutes, making it perfect for a lunchtime touch-up.

Now that you have the secrets to maintaining your perfect platinum blonde highlights, don’t forget to share your stunning looks with us on Instagram by tagging @ElevateSalon.

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