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Following a thorough diagnosis, your hairdresser will personalise your System Professional treatment with a product combination specially formulated for your hair and scalp needs.


This unique treatment is the ultimate combination of performance and relaxation to bring out your hair's inner beauty. Featuring the System Professional AMOA Massage, based on acupoint massage techniques, it stimulates the energy meridians while providing a long-lasting hair and scalp transformation.

Treatment time: 45 Minutes


Get a touch of sensorial luxury for an immediate, transformative effect. Each Essential treatment is completed in 3 steps, including the unique System Professional Shampoo Relax Massage and Essential Massage. This quick, "a la carte" treatment can be added to address any hair need.

Treatment time: 10-15 Minutes


This unique treatment fuses two product benefits into one tailored care experience. The Intense Treatment includes our Intense Massage, which ensures that the ingredients penetrate deeply, whilst stimulating the scalp and relaxing daily tensions.

Treatment time: 15-20 Minutes


Pollution and environmental influences can stress your hair and scalp. Reset both for optimal hair health with our spa-inspired 5-step treatment. It not only balances the energy flow in your body and gives you a sense of relaxation, but it also deeply purifies and re-energises your hair and scalp.

Treatment time: 30 Minutes

molecular hair refilling

Treatment deeply reconstructs fragile and sensitised hair, featuring Liquid Hair's iconic molecular refilling formula. This instantly improves look, feel and resilience without overloading, while reinforcing the hair fibre for up to five washes.

Treatment time: 20-25 Minutes

scalp energy

Activate your scalp with a unique energising massage and shampoo, combined with a scalp-active serum from our Balance or Purify line. These powerful ingredients will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Treatment time: 10 Minutes

Lipid booster +

For damaged to severely damaged hair that needs specific attention. With Lipid Booster+ your hair gets deeply reconstructed, instantly stronger against breakage* and a smooth hair feeling. *vs low-conditioning shampoo

Treatment time: 5 min