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Curly Hair Solutions: Elevate Salon’s Pro Tips for Brisbane Residents

Let’s debunk the myth that curly hair is unmanageable. Elevate Salon, recognised as the best hairdresser in Brisbane CBD, is here to assure you that with the right cut, treatments, styling products, and clever tricks, you can enjoy happy, healthy, and frizz-free curls every day. Here’s everything the Elevate Salon team wants you to know about embracing and caring for your curly locks.

1. The Right Cut is Essential: Elevate’s Expertise Shaping Your Curls

A key aspect of managing curly hair is getting the right cut. Elevate Salon’s expert stylists pay special attention to your unique curl pattern, hair history, desired length, and styling routine. Opting for a dry cut allows for a more realistic view of how your curls move and fall, ensuring a precise and personalised result. Elevate Salon’s focus on customised layers enhances movement, flatters your face, and achieves your desired length.

2. Re-think Your Shower Routine: Elevate’s Curly Hair Essentials

Elevate Salon recommends re-evaluating your shower routine for optimal curl care. Using a hydrating and repairing shampoo and conditioner is crucial. Elevate’s top pick for curls is Wella Premium Care Nutricurls Shampoo and Conditioner, known for providing definition, nourishment and anti-frizz. Elevate suggests focusing shampoo on the scalp, reducing frequency to avoid drying out curls. Additionally, cold water rinses seal cuticles, lock in moisture, and enhance shine.

3. Ditch the Towel and Lose the Paddle Brush: Elevate’s Frizz-Free Tips

Everyday items like towels and paddle brushes can cause frizz and damage to curls. Elevate Salon recommends using a soft old tee shirt to gently soak up excess water, preserving curls’ softness, shine, and bounce. Instead of a brush, opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle without disrupting the curl pattern or causing breakage.

4. Curly-Approved Styling Products: Elevate’s Product Recommendations

Choosing the right styling products is crucial for curly hair. Elevate Salon advises avoiding alcohol-based products and opting for flexible hold, definition, and shine. Elevate’s go-to curly EIMI NUTRICURLS provides your waves and curls with the right level of nourishment for beautiful bouncy locks from Wella. The NOURISH-IN Complex with wheat bran extract and jojoba oil helps to make the curls defined, soft and manageable, while reducing frizz. Mixing and matching these styles can create a perfect recipe tailored to your unique texture.

5. Twist, Don’t Scrunch: Elevate’s Styling Techniques for Defined Curls

After applying styling products, Elevate Salon recommends twisting your hair in sections to create a definition. Whether air-drying or using a diffuser, the key is to minimise touching your hair to avoid frizz and maintain your curl pattern. While heat styling is best avoided, a curling iron can be used selectively to address specific areas.

6. Maximize Your Beauty Sleep: Elevate’s Nighttime Curl Care

For those planning a morning wash, Elevate suggests applying a nourishing hair mask before bed, using a shower cap, and repairing your curls while you sleep. On non-masking nights, consider a silk or satin pillowcase or headscarf to preserve curl integrity and shine.

7. Be Patient: Elevate’s Assurance for Curly Hair Success

Committing to a healthy curl care plan pays off, but patience is key. Elevate Salon assures that with the right regimen, your curls will improve over time. Results typically show after about a month, and continual improvement follows. Trust Elevate Salon – the wait is worth it for stunning, well-nurtured curls.

Ready to embark on a journey to gorgeous, manageable curls? Book your appointment online with Elevate Salon, your trusted hairdresser in Brisbane CBD. Elevate your curls, elevate your confidence!

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